The Beauty Factory Salon Coordinator

you belong here

There is a smart, fashionable, and self-driven someone out there who wants to have a job with variety, career potential, and independence. THE BEAUTY FACTORY is a place where every day is a little different and the Salon Coordinator is one of the most important positions.

You’ll be somewhere in between being a receptionist and a manager. You’ll be in charge of helping clients and providing support for the stylists. Appointments are handled by clients online, so you won’t be on the phone as often as a typical salon.

There is one full time position and two part time positions available.

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What we’re like

Those who work at THE BEAUTY FACTORY are professionals focused on eduction and personal growth. We live an eco-friendly life, taking responsibility for the way we treat every living thing, including our planet.

We’re also pretty awesome at hair.

Who we’re looking for

You have positive energy and are passionate about the connection between health and the environment. You love interacting with people, learning their stories, and helping them find the tools and services they need. You’re educated, organized, motivated, and thrive working independently.

If you’re the someone awesome for whom I’ve been looking,…

…then get your CV or resume ready. Please be yourself. This place has a chill and nurturing vibe. That’s best accomplished in a nonjudgmental, always learning and growing, environment.

What you’ll need to apply

  • You need to know your Myers-Briggs personality type. Knowing your type helps people get you. Take the assessment by clicking the button below. Answer the questions based on how you usually are, not how you think you should be. There’s no wrong answer, or bad type, and nobody can ever see how you answered.

  • Complete the online portion of the application.

  • Send your CV or Resume to