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Why work here?

The Beauty Factory is a lifestyle boutique and salon. “Lifestyle” meaning that every detail of the salon is designed to support a holistic and healthy lifestyle for those who work there, for the guests who visit, and for the environment we inhabit. “Boutique” meaning that along with eco-friendly hair products, the store carries other products that support a healthy lifestyle. The salon aspect focuses on hair care using professional biodynamic, organic, and eco-friendly colors, treatments, and styling products.

Those who work at The Beauty Factory are carefully selected with the whole picture in mind. We are a curated group chosen for naturally complementing personalities, communication preferences, positivity, a strong drive to be among the best at what we do. It’s a culture of positivity, support, and constant education.

As a stylist at The Beauty Factory, you’ll have your own semi-private work station that’s equipped with your own shampoo bowl and wall-mounted infrared halo color processor. Your station will also have its own mini facial wax kit. You’ll be working with products that are eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic and/or plant based. Reducing your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals is a priority. You’ll have an opportunity to learn what you want to learn, and fine tune your skills in a safe, supportive, and creative environment. We want you to thrive.


Though we are a green salon, the products have to be superior. We won’t use inferior products just because they’re green. We’ll use the best and it’s a plus if they’re also green. Don’t worry if you’ve never used these products before. Education is built into the fabric of The Beauty Factory. You’ll learn everything you need to know. If you do fashion colors, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

Color Lines & Additives

Backbar Lines

Green Technology


  • Foils: Framar

  • Brushes, Bowls, & Tools: Framar

Facial Waxing