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The Beauty Factory is a salon for the eco-friendly. We focus on reducing our exposure to toxic chemicals and cutting down on the waste we dump back into our environment. We use biodynamic, organic, bee-friendly, and professional salon products for healthy beautiful hair and a healthy beautiful life.


We value professionalism, kindness, and personal growth. We believe that we can have a positive impact on our environment with what we choose to put in and on our bodies.

It’s nurturing here. We have plenty of personal space in which to create. We are calm, competent, and confident professionals.


Those who work at The Beauty Factory are carefully selected with the whole picture in mind. We are a curated group chosen for naturally complementing personalities, communication preferences, positivity, a strong drive to be among the best at what we do. It’s a culture of positivity and support, with an emphasis on personal and professional growth.

We’re also pretty awesome at hair.


As a stylist at THE BEAUTY FACTORY, you have your own large semi-private work station that’s equipped with beautiful lighting, your own shampoo bowl, and a wall-mounted infrared halo color processor. Your station also has its own mini facial wax kit. You work with products that are eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic and/or plant based.

Reducing your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals is a priority. You have regular opportunities to learn what you want to learn, teach what you’re able to teach, and fine-tune your skills in a safe, supportive, and creative environment.

Your time and schedule are treated with respect. You aren’t double-booked or rushed. You don’t worry about paying your own taxes, buying your own products, or budgeting for your own education. You’ll receive commission-based pay, free education, paid time off, and the tools you need to focus on what’s most important: your craft, your clients, and enjoying your life.

You’re going to thrive here.

  • 4 full time spots available

Salon Coordinator

As a salon coordinator, you perform tasks that help support the stylists and provide hospitality services for the clients. You are crucial to how smoothly things run and we all know it. Your value is obvious.

You know about all of the products, maybe more than the stylists, and you know most of the clients. You help keep the towels clean, the foils pulled, the clients hydrated, and the questions answered. You’re the first person people see when they come in, and you look the part.

You start off pretty basic, learning as you go, with a predictable schedule. As you learn, pick up more responsibilities and take on a stronger leadership role, you get regular pay raises.

You’re going to love it here.

Full Time Salon Coordinator

  • 1 full time spot available

  • Hourly position

  • Paid vacations after the first year

  • Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

    Part Time Salon Coordinator

  • 2 part time spots available

  • Hourly position

  • Monday - Friday 4pm-7:30pm, and Saturday (split 5-hour shifts) 8:30am-1:30pm, and 1:30pm-6:30pm


We are a green salon and the products have to be superior. Don’t worry if you’ve never used these products before. Education is built into the fabric of The Beauty Factory. You’ll learn everything you need to know. If you do fashion colors, we’ll make sure you have what you need. We don’t do perms or permanent relaxers. They’re not healthy.

Color Lines & Additives

Backbar Lines

Green Technology


  • Foils: Framar

  • Brushes, Bowls, & Tools: Framar, Ping, Redken, Kevin Murphy

Facial Wax-Free Hair REmoval