Oway Remedy Hand Balm

Oway Remedy Hand Balm


Our Oway Remedy Hand Balm is an ultra-healing hand treatment that softens, moisturizes and repairs the skin with nourishing Organic Chia Butter and Fair Trade Patauà Oil.

These are shipped from Italy, so allow a little extra time for delivery.

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Biodynamic Walnut is rich in flavonoids and tannins that perform and anti-aging and anti-redness action on the hands.

Organic Chia Seed is packed full of Vitamin E and Omega-3, which combat skin dryness and stimulate lipid barrier rebuilding.

Fair Trade Pataua Oil is rich in Omega-9 and fatty acids providing deep nourishment, while preventing moisture loss from the hands.

Shea Butter nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin.