The consultation protects you and the stylist from many possible unwanted outcomes. It protects you from having a stylist with the wrong vision altering one of your most important accessories. It also protects the integrity of the stylist against an unhappy guest. It's an opportunity to examine your hair, your goals, and come up with a plan to get you there. Read more about the importance of a consultation here.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Photo by Annie Spratt

Step 1


Tell Serena a little about your hair history and your hair goals. It's an important tool that she uses to create a blueprint for getting the hair you want.

Step 2


You are the only one with your DNA, your hair history, and your hair goals. Serena wants you to love your hair. In an effort to ensure that, she requires a consultation before you book your first service with her. During the consultation, Serena will examine the condition of your hair and go over your goals in more depth. With this information, she'll tell you what to book for your first service.

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Hair by Serena

Hair by Serena

Step 3


When you go to the salon to have a stylist create a look for you, especially for a consultation, go in your best "everyday" version of yourself. Style your hair the best you can and wear something that shows off the look you're trying to pull off. I've had people come in for consultations with wet hair, un-styled "natural state" hair, or any other version of "I don't actually wear my hair like this" because they want me to see what they're dealing with. What they don't know is that everybody has something they're dealing with, so the stylist needs to gauge your skill level when it comes to dealing with your own hair. If you can get a frizzy mess to look smooth and silky, then it will let your stylist know that she can give you a style that requires that level of skill. If you come in looking like you would never look, she's going to create a look based on that. You risk her underestimating your ability and giving you something that doesn't represent you and that you would never wear.