Smoothing Naturally Rough Textured Hair

One way to get your naturally textured hair smoother is to apply heat to it. But, you have to do it in a way that is responsible because you don't want to cause damage to your hair and dry it out. If you're using a lot of heat styling tools on your hair, you'll want to up the moisturizing products that you're using. You'll do this by using products designed to help you with what you're trying to do. 

If you haven't yet, you need to learn how to give yourself a blowout. It takes practice, but it can make a huge difference in how your hair looks and how many days your style lasts. You'll reduce the amount of heat you use on it, how long you spend trying to make it look good, and you won't be washing it as often. It's worth your time because your hair won't look the way you want it to without some effort on your part. 

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OWAY smoothing hair bath

Oway Smoothing Hair Bath gently cleanses and preps the hair for soft, frizz-free styling with a nourishing blend of Organic Damask Rose, Biodynamic Caraway Seed Extract and naturally-derived surfactants.


oway smoothing conditioner

Oway Smoothing Hair Conditioner detangles and softens unruly hair with a rejuvenating blend of Biodynamic Caraway Seed Extract, Organic Damask Rose, and Ethical Buriti Oil. Together, these botanicals create the ideal canvas for long-lasting, frizz-free hair styles. 


oway smoothing fluid

Oway Smoothing Fluid is a lightweight finishing serum for creating luminous, frizz-free hair with a botanical blend of Ethical Buriti Oil and Organic Damask Rose. It's heat resistant formula guards strands against heat tool damage, while locking in moisture and shine.


oway thermal stress protector

Oway Thermal Stress Protector contains an innovative blend of organic ingredients to guard hair against damage from hot styling tools and hair dryers up to 437°F! Its long-lasting formula prolongs and protects hair from humidity and environmental stressors, while locking in shape and shine.

You may also consider getting an Express Keratin Blowout. This blowout is a treatment that puts a Keratin protein on the surface of your hair. It smooths it, making it easier to straighten, and it gives is a temporary layer of protection until the Keratin breaks down and washes off. It lasts 6-12 weeks depending on your home care. It's worth adding to your maintenance routine because it reduces the time you spend on your hair, and the amount of product it takes to get it where you want it.