Mechanical Damage

You know when you toast a piece of bread and it's crispy, golden, and makes little crumbs when you handle it? Your hair shouldn't be like that. Mechanical damage comes from your heat styling tools. Even if you're being careful, you can still really hurt your hair. Over a surprisingly short amount of time, you can melt your hair shorter and shorter. You need professional tools and heat protectors for insurance. You also need to understand what your hair can take, and some basic styling tips to keep you from burning your hair. 

The Proper Tools

Using the proper tools is crucial. You should be able to control the heat setting on your irons and you need to use a heat protector every time you put the heat tool to your hair. Oils and serums are not heat protectors. Think of what happens when you put oil in a hot pan and then put a piece of food in there. Oils and serums are conductors, not protectors.

Healing Burnt Hair

Depending on how badly it's burnt, there isn't a lot you can do about it. Replenishing the moisture should be your primary focus until it starts to feel and act like hair again. Get regular trims and invest in the right shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatments to nourish your hair back to life.

You'll find everything you need by clicking the links below.

USmooth White iron.JPG


A professional flat iron with titanium plates and adjustable heat settings. 


Hot Tools

A professional curling iron has a 24k gold plated barrel and adjustable heat settings.

Thermal Stress Protector.JPG


Oway's Thermal Stress Protector uses biodynamic and organic ingredients to protect your hair from the stress of heat. Spray it on your hair before you use your flat iron or curling iron. It protects, holds, and adds shine.

Moisturizing hair back.JPG


Oway's Moisturizing Hair Bath uses biodynamic hazel, organic honey, and macadamia oil to hydrate and cleanse hair.

Moisturizing Hair Mask.JPG


Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask deeply replenishes and repairs dry, brittle hair with a nourishing blend of Biodynamic Hazelnut, Organic Honey and Ethical Murmuru Butter. It also provides protection against split end formation.

nurturing drops.JPG


Oway Nurturing Drops is an ultra-concentrated serum that heals and hydrates dry, damaged hair, while preventing split ends. It guards against heat damage and leaves hair incredibly soft and supple with Organic Black Quinoa and Ethical Marula Oil.