How often should I come in?

Use this as a rough guide for how often you should come in to keep up your current look. The benefits of keeping up with your look include color consistency and lower service cost. Color consistency is affected by the length of your new outgrowth. The further away your line of demarcation (the grow out line) gets from your scalp, the greater the chance that you will still have some of that line left over even after a fresh color. If your stylist is able to get the line out, it’s because he or she has used extra time and extra color to do so, which increases the overall service time and cost.

Properly maintaining your hair color will save you time, money, and give you better results.

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Balayage & natural colors

Balayage highlights and colors that do not go all the way up to the scalp have a lower maintenance level. The highlights blend seamlessly into the natural hair color and can grow out without looking unkempt. Maintenance ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.

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On the Scalp Color, Platinum Blondes, & Full Foils

When you change your natural hair color by three or more levels, your maintenance is higher. You can see a band of new growth at three weeks. The greater the difference your natural hair is from your colored hair, the faster you need to come in to get it touched up. Maintenance ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.


Fashion Colors & Platinum Tones

Fashion colors range from pastels, to vibrant hues, and the various tones of platinum blondes. These colors and tones are more apparent the lighter the hair is. They also slip away the fastest. Sunshine, water, shampoos, and heat styling are all enemies of fashion colors and platinum tones. If you can’t keep your tone the way you want it with toning shampoos and conditioners, then you need to visit the salon for a color gloss. Tone maintenance ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.