Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

I finally got around to building a website for myself. I have an Instagram for my hair and a facebook page, but I wanted a website to share tips and tricks for professionals and nonprofessionals. I want to teach moms how to braid their daughter's hair, exchange knowledge and experience with other stylists, and even offer some home remedies for dry, tangly hair. In addition to all that, I can allow my clients to book their appointments with me on the mobile device they already hold in their hand. It makes sense.

It's about time. 

We do almost everything online now. Technology streamlines our lives and allows us to manage our time better. With online booking, my clients have the ability to go online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to manage their hair appointments. That means that they can take care of their booking needs when they have the time. They no longer have to wait until someone is at the salon and is able to take their call. They can do all of this through their phone and even receive their confirmations through text. 

Knowledge is power. 

When someone makes an appointment on this new format, he or she selects the service, date, and time that works for him or her. This does more than reduce booking errors. During the booking process, the guest can see how long the appointment takes and how much their requested service costs. This enables them to make informed decisions about their salon visit while eliminating surprises and timing issues.

Control is a good thing.

When I am part of the booking process, I get to make sure I have enough time for whatever my clients want to do. Plus, I don't get double-booked unless I want to be. 

I'm about a week into switching to online booking and, though it's tedious, it's worth it. Everyone who has tested it so far is loving the new format. I'm giving myself about six months to make the switch completely. Some people only come in that often, so I don't want to leave anyone stranded at the front desk. Plus, people may forget to use the new appointment platform and I want to allow everyone the space to get the hang of it.