When You Know Better, You Do Better

One of the most effective ways I keep my client’s hair healthy while I’m creating beautiful color is by using Olaplex. It’s something you can add to the your color formula to multiply the bonds in your hair while the color is sitting on it. Instead of weakening the hair, you can strengthen the hair. It ends up being stronger and prettier after the service than it was when they walked in.

Why don’t more salons use it?

It surprises me when I hear that other stylists either don’t know what Olaplex is or they don’t use it. It’s so effective at making and keeping the hair healthy and strong that I think every stylist should have it on their backbar. I’ve recently heard of salons charging an extra $75 to add it to their client’s formula, which would probably explain why no one was using it.

Hair loses strength the longer it’s on your head because it’s not just lightening services that weaken it. You’re putting stress on your hair with your pillow case, your brush, your bag, your seatbelt strap…. the list goes on. So, it makes sense to use something to help undo that damage. It also makes sense that when you’re paying a salon to do what’s best for your hair, that they’re using it, too.

Before and After Olaplex

Below are photos of my client’s hair before and after she came in for her service. Her ends are frayed and broken. It doesn’t move properly, doesn’t shine like it should, and it looks like it just needs to be cut off. This is the perfect opportunity to show you what Olaplex can do. After the service, her ends are smoother, the elasticity is back, and it moves and shines like it’s supposed to. This in only from me using No. 1 (goes in the color formula), No. 2 (sits on hair in the shampoo bowl), No. 4 (the take-home shampoo), and No. 5 (the take-home conditioner).

Before using Olaplex in her lightening service.

After using Olaplex in her lightening service.

Closeup before using Olaplex in her lightening service.

Closeup after using Olaplex in her lightening service.


I’ve been using Olaplex on every client during every service for the last few years. My clients have healthier hair than they’ve ever had, and it’s longer than it’s every been. And I’m saying this as a blonde specialist. Blonding hair is one of the most damaging things you can do to hair, and I don’t have to be afraid of that. Now that I have a salon with other stylists, one of the first things they learned is that we add Olaplex to every bowl of lightener we mix, and we don’t charge extra for it.

When you know better, you do better. These photos are something I’ve been seeing since I started using Olaplex and I can’t unsee this.