What We Mean By "Eco-Friendly"

We offer a discount when you refill your shampoo bottles.

We offer a discount when you refill your shampoo bottles.

The “eco” part of eco-friendly comes from “ecosystem”. An ecosystem is “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.” When we say we’re an eco-friendly salon, we mean that we acknowledge that every facet of the salon experience impacts the human and the planet. We’ve thought of everything from the moment you walk through the door until long after you have left. 800 years after you’ve left, actually. I’ll explain.


When you walk in here, you’re greeted by organic essential oils instead of typical salon perfumes. Everywhere you look you’ll see plants because they produce oxygen and purify the air. The music is chosen for a homeostatic beat to keep you awake, but calm. It’s easy to get overstimulated in a salon setting, so we’ve designed the sights and sounds to soothe.

Everything that touches your skin is non-toxic. We use clean laundry soap for the capes and towels. The products we use are free of the known carcinogens and most of them smell like the organic essential oils with which they are made. The teas, coffee, and wines we serve are organic and the water is alkaline. We want you to know your value, so we offer these things at no extra cost. We have high standards because you’re worth serving well.


Most people are aware that plastic is an environmental issue because it takes 450 years to biodegrade. Well, it takes hair 800 years to break down, and it’s giving off a methane gas the entire time. Think of the last time you saw a mummy exhumed on a history show. It still had its hair. We send the hair off to be made into products that help clean up oil spills, fortify concrete, and keep garbage from floating into large bodies of water. We also recycle the papers, plastics, aluminum, and glass waste that our salon produces. It takes little effort on our part, it’s just a matter of which trash can, but it makes a huge difference in the overall goal of taking care of living and life-giving creation.

Our popular line of organic teas.

Our popular line of organic teas.


No matter your religious tradition, or if you don’t necessarily have one, there is something to be said about taking responsibility for the health of the soil that grows your food, the animals that serve you, and the people with whom you come in contact. There is a deeper calling to use your gifts to serve in love rather than to serve only enough to profit. Genesis 2:15 shows man’s relationship with his land, and that we’ve been put in charge of guarding, serving, and protecting the land on which we live, so we don’t add to the pollution in our community. Proverbs 12:10 says that it’s evidence of righteousness to be kind to animals, so we don’t use products that have been tested on animals. Finally, there is strong language in Revelation 11:18 saying that the destroyers of the earth with be destroyed. And the way the earth is behaving, the way the climate is changing, it’s easy to see that the earth will destroy its destroyers itself.


We’re a group of hairdressers who infuse our work with a greater purpose and who use our styling chairs to make our clients feel valued. We take responsibility for ourselves and give our clients the gift of not letting their visits to the salon have a negative impact on their community. We’re an eco-friendly salon, and we’re here to serve you.