We're Hiring Stylists


The Beauty Factory is 1880 square feet and we have spaces for 5 stylists. This means that every employee and customer has plenty of personal space. This keeps the noise and stress levels low. We work together by learning, teaching, and collaborating. At The Beauty Factory, we believe that well kept employees make for well kept customers. The salon will focus on taking care of you so that you can take care of the clients.

  • Work Space: Each station is 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep. You have your own setup so you don’t have to fight for resources or space. You have your own wall-mounted infrared halo processor, your own shampoo bowl, and your own wax kit. It’s the perfect balance of being semi-private, but still very much connected. Your clients will love this for you and for themselves.

  • Lighting: The lighting is scientifically designed and strategically placed. With art studio lighting, you’ll be able to see your colors accurately, reducing toning errors. The mirrors are lit in such a way that your client feels beautiful the entire time he or she is in your chair.

  • Schedule: As a full time stylist, ideally you’ll be working Tuesday through Saturday. You can choose your exact hours and days and your special days off. Over time, you’ll earn paid time off that you can use however you want. In over 20 years as a stylist myself, no one has ever given me paid time off. I want this for us.

  • Appointments: All of your appointments will be handled online. Your clients can book and manage their own appointments based on how you want it set up. This eliminates people squeezing appointments into small spots, double booking you, or asking you to come to work during your off time. Clients love not having to go through a receptionist, and you can accept or decline each appointment through an app on your phone as they come in.

  • Benefits: As a commissioned stylist, all of your expenses are paid. You have access to the best tools and technology in a professional, creative, and positive environment. The only thing you have to do is show up and create awesome hair. Over time, you’ll earn access to paid time off and the opportunity to have your advanced education and associated travel expenses paid.

  • Where: Magers Crossing, 2100 W. Republic Road, Suite 116, Springfield, MO

  • When: Opening date is scheduled for September 3.