I love that I get to go into my studio every day and create beautiful hair. I get to work with the best products, have conversations that mean something, and tangibly contribute to the sustainability of my industry in my community. It's important to me that the spaces I leave are better than when I entered them and that the people with whom I spend time have something that outlasts the sounds of our conversation. It's because of you that I get to do exactly that.

I know that it's been harder to get on my schedule lately. I'm booking out a few weeks, so last minute appointments are hard to find. Not to mention that you're walking around with neglected hair while you're waiting for your appointment. I've taken notice and I'm making some adjustments so that you don't feel crowded out.



I get requests for consultations every day. Sometimes more than one a day. The looks I've created for you, my social media photos, my environmental integrity, and the private aspect of my studio are catching the eye of people in who have been looking for something similar. You guys are talking about how much your love your hair - it's longer, healthier, and a color that looks amazing on you - and the people in your circle of influence are taking notice. The Factory even received a write up in 417 Magazine, a local lifestyle publication. 

I trust the judgment of my guests when it comes to who they send to me. For that reason, I am only accepting new guest with a direct referral. If someone you care about is looking for a new stylist and would appreciate the devotion to detail, passion for environmental health, and the personal attention I provide, then please send them my way. Make sure you tell them to mention you. I know that my studio feels exclusive - especially to someone trying to get in - and it is, but I still have a little room for amazing new people who you think would fit in our little community.


If your schedule is predictable enough, I would prebook your next couple of appointments. Rescheduling is easy, just use the confirmation link in your text message and find a new date. I would try to do this as early as possible, though. Early notice allows someone else the opportunity to take your spot, and it gives you more available replacement openings. You don't have to cancel the existing appointment, because rescheduling picks it up and moves it to the date and time that you choose. The original appointment spot becomes immediately available to whomever else wants it. If you're not sure how to do this, then check out my 'how to" video.


The Factory just passed it's sixth month anniversary. During this time, I've continued educating myself, educating you about your care and style, and researching and purchasing the cleanest and most effective professional products to use. The treatments, masks, and techniques take your hair over the top and I want you to know how to care for and style it when you're in your own space. We make each other look good.

PLANT essence.jpg

I've adjusted my appointment lengths and prices over the last sixth months so that I have the time and tools I need to give you the best. There are factors I can't control that affect my timing, but for the most part I've got a pretty good system that allows me to make the most of the time you've carved out for yourself without running into the time the next person has carved out for herself. I want to give you the best and I never stop researching to make sure you're getting it.


I don't often get last minute cancellations, but when I do, I post them in two different locations: my Instagram Story and my facebook page. The spots usually get taken within an hour or two, and I take the notification down soon after. You have to be looking at the right time, so check often.

If you look bad, then I look bad, so I take your image seriously. There are only so many days in a month and I work six days a week. When the schedule is full, there really is no time to squeeze someone in. I say this for two reasons: A) squeezing someone in puts me in a position to not give you 100% and we both deserve better than that, and B) working outside of my established schedule takes time away from my personal life and my family, and I won't do that.


I have established a peaceful little space for you to come and let me treat your hair with the healthiest products and the latest techniques. I created a salon that I would want to go to and I'm so happy that you're loving it. The Factory is thriving and it's because of you. You get what I'm doing, your hair is looking awesome, and you're carrying a bit of that out into your own world. I wouldn't be able to do what I love without you. And I thank you.