The Beauty Factory Is Growing

It’s been a long time coming, as many of you know. And it’s finally time to start talking about it.

There are health conscious and eco-friendly people who would love to have a salon that caters to their lifestyle. THE BEAUTY FACTORY is an eco-friendly boutique salon that uses and carries organic and environmentally conscious products. And it’s GROWING!

I’ve outgrown my happy little studio and had to stop taking new people because my schedule is full. I’m feeling the growing pains and have decided to follow the growth into a larger space so that new people can come without anyone feeling crowded.

monarch butterfly chyrsalis.jpg

The Same, But Bigger

The Beauty Factory is a calm, nurturing, and semi-private salon experience. That will not change.

It’s that way because I’m that way. I don’t thrive in an elbow-to-elbow, high energy, boisterous environment, so I wouldn’t do that to myself. I’m a barefoot, Jack Johnson listening, hippie at heart. I legally can’t be barefoot at work and I like makeup and smooth legs too much to go full-on hippie, but I can blast laid back, happy music and paint hair all day long. I’ve said this all along: Your vibe attracts your tribe. I know you enjoy what I’ve made. I’m not taking that away. I’m multiplying it. This will not be like any other salon. I’m making something new.

We’ll be Moving.

Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, large semi-private working stations, organic hair products, an eco-friendly lifestyle boutique, essential oils, plenty of personal space… Construction is already underway for the new BEAUTY FACTORY location. See where here.

We’ll be hiring.

I’ll be hiring 4 commissioned stylists and 3 salon coordinators. I’ll only hire people who will fit into the culture of THE BEAUTY FACTORY, so if you already know someone who would love what I’ve created, then send them to this website.

Coming Late Summer 2019

Our tentative opening date is set for the day after Labor Day, September 3rd. I’ll adjust that information as it closer to time.

I’m Still Doing Hair.

This is a huge deal and would not be possible without you. A couple people have asked if this means I’ll stop doing their hair. That is an emphatic “no”. This is only possible because I do your hair.

Keep up with the timeline by visiting the events page. I’ll adjust the dates as the timeline gets more clear.