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The Making of A Green Concept Salon

I want the standards for salon life raised. I have a plan, and I’ll go first. I’ll show you what I mean. I’m excited to see who gravitates to this green concept salon. If you’re curious about the details, swing by the salon. We’ll make you some organic tea, give you a tour, and answer all of your questions.

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Greenwashing is what companies will do to their product packaging and marketing terminology to try to appear less toxic than they are. It’s a word modeled after “whitewash”. It’s designed to give you the impression that the products are somehow eco-friendly. This kind of marketing counts on people not doing their homework.

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Brassy is not a color, it is what remains in your hair after the removal of color. If you leave the salon perfect, but turn brassy after a couple of shampoos, then you need to examine you hair-care routine to find the cause. 

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