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It's not good for your hair to wash it every day and dry shampoos aren't great for the environment, your body, and a lot of them don't even work very well. I'm sharing my own recipe for the dry shampoo that I use. It works better than anything I've used and you can make it about a minute. I've also added suggestions to make it a color that will match your hair so you're not stuck with an obvious white powder. 

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I have established a peaceful little space for you to come and let me treat your hair with the healthiest products and the latest techniques. I created a salon that I would want to go to and I'm so happy that you're loving it. The Factory is thriving and it's because of you. You get what I'm doing, your hair is looking awesome, and you're carrying a bit of that out into your own world. I wouldn't be able to do what I love without you. And I thank you. 

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