summer hair

Throughout our lives, our hair accumulates the clutter of what we eat, the medicines we take, the products we use, and the different types of water we submerge in. After a while this stuff builds up on our hair and scalp. It gets dull, heavy, discolored, and dry. Clarifying shampoos are helpful, special products for swimming in chlorine are available, toning shampoos can ease some of the brassy discoloration, and you can rinse your hair in vinegar if you can stand it, but none of them work well enough. There's a point when your hair needs something stronger.

In my early years doing hair, I lived on Cape Cod. Almost everybody had well-water that built up on their hair and caused adverse reactions. It would cause the hair to heat up when you put color on it. Our foils, depending on how bad the buildup was, would get warm and the color would start to swell and seep out onto hair that wasn't supposed to get colored. Needless to say, we had to find ways to remove the buildup before performing any color services. I worked in a holistic salon, so everything we did had to be naturally derived, good for the planet and good for the guest. That kind of professional foundation resonated with me and drives many of my professional decisions.


To remove buildup and reveal a clean slate for your hair, we used a Crystal Gel Treatment. It's a 20 minute process under the dryer that will get rid of everything coated on the hair. It's the only thing I use for removing the green from over-chlorinated hair. After the treatment is the perfect time to condition the hair or add protein to strengthen hair that's become weak. This is called a "Malibu Makeover". "Malibu" for the name of the brand. I've done several of these on clients over the years and the results are impressive. People are getting their shine back, it's more manageable, the discoloration is gone, and their subsequent colors turn out more vibrant and last longer. 

May is the month for getting your hair in top condition to look gorgeous in the summer sun. These upcoming months are full of friends, road trips, windows down, and bare shoulders. Having the buildup gone will allow your hair to lighten beautifully and naturally while you're outside. It's time to get ready. Schedule a Malibu Makeover or, if your hair is in dire need, set up an Olaplex Strengthening Treatment. It will strengthen hair you've all but given up on. 

Before And After A Malibu Makeover Treatment

Before And After A Malibu Makeover Treatment