I've been making my own natural beauty products for a few years and recently began making them for my friends and coworkers. For health issues, I like taking the natural approach first. I love research and finding the different ways to use food as medicine. Along the way I've learned enough and gathered enough materials to start making my own remedies.

I've been using and recommending a dry hair remedy for my clients and their feedback has been really encouraging. Dry hair is an issue that plagues everyone at some point. People come in to the salon to have me cut their dry ends off because they don't know that dry hair can heal. It's split or melted hair that has to be cut off. 


Dry hair usually takes place at the bottom of the hair shaft. The cuticle on the hair is flared open and catches with the other flared cuticles on the surrounding hairs. This causes tangles and when you brush out the tangles, you cause split ends and breakage. When dry hair gets wet in the shower, the flared cuticle lets in too much water and swells the hair shaft. The waterlogged hair shaft won't let in any of the moisturizing masks or treatments you use. The dollars you spent wash down the drain. The swollen hair shaft causes the cuticle to flare out even more. It tangles with the other waterlogged hairs and causes more damage. At a certain point, just getting your hair wet causes damage. If you can correct the dry hair, you can avoid all the residual damage.


You will still use your moisturizing masks and treatments, but you need to prepare your hair to receive them first. The molecules in coconut oil are small enough to get into the hair shaft and repel water long enough to protect it from getting waterlogged. This will allow your moisturizing products to get in there and actually do what you've paid them to do. You could slather on the coconut oil you have in your cabinet right now, leave it on for 6-8 hours, wash it out and get amazing results. But I've taken advantage of the process and added quality organic essential oils to help with dryness, annoying scalp issues, and that encourage hair growth. 


This remedy has organic coconut oil, organic cedar, organic Moroccan chamomile, organic clary sage, organic geranium, organic lavender, organic patchouli, organic peppermint, organic rose, organic rosemary, organic sandalwood, organic spikenard, and organic ylang-ylang. I've already explained the molecular benefit of coconut oil and you'll find the relevant benefits of each essential oil below. 

  • CEDAR treats dandruff and encourages hair growth.
  • CHAMOMILE inhibits toxins on the skin. It's ideal for every skin type, even inflamed skin, and speeds the healing process of various skin conditions.
  • CLARY SAGE improves the complexion and benefits mature skin, enflamed scalp, and dandruff. It rejuvenates the skin cells and encourages hair growth.
  • GERANIUM reduces inflammation, enhances skin repair, treats lice, and balances all hair types. 
  • LAVENDER is good for all skin and hair types. It helps with cell regeneration, thereby aiding in hair growth. 
  • PATCHOULI is a cell rejuvenator and antiseptic. It's great for dry skin and dry hair. It prevents dandruff and encourages hair growth.
  • PEPPERMINT is stimulates the skin's natural production of oil, so small amounts are great for dry skin and dry hair. It treats various skin conditions and serves as a natural treatment for lice. 
  • ROSE is a cell rejuvenator that is appropriate for all skin and hair types. It's useful for various skin conditions, and helps with hair growth. 
  • ROSEMARY is great for the complexion and protects it from free radical and cellular damage. It helps with skin issues, dandruff, and hair loss. It's so great for hair that rosemary branches were used as hairbrushes back in the old days. 
  • SANDALWOOD is great for any complexion, but especially beneficial for dry skin and hair. It helps the cells protect themselves against aging by reinforcing their protective membranes. 
  • SPIKENARD is an excellent treatment for hair loss and various skin conditions, including psoriasis. It's great for all hair and skin conditions, but especially great for dry hair and skin.
  • YLANG-YLANG is a tonic that balances oil production in all skin types. It's most commonly used to correct dry conditions. 

I make each of these 4 ounce jars in small batches by hand. I use only the best organic, non-gmo products. You can purchase one by clicking here. If you would like a chance to win one, you can enter by doing these three things: 

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