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Back in April 2017 I made a short video walking viewers through the process of booking, rescheduling, and cancelling an appointment with me. Having the managing ability hinges around either keeping your confirmation link that is texted and emailed, or by signing in. I've outlined a few tips and posted the video I made below. 

New Guests

A consultation is required for every new Beauty Factory guest. The consultation is one of the most important conversations you’ll have with your stylist. It’s the best way to get the hair that you want. Read more here.

Signing In

On the top right corner of the menu of services box, you’ll notice a small “SIGN IN” option. Click that and enter the cell phone number that you use to book your appointments. Once it sends you a one-time-use numerical code, you can enter it to see your past and future appointments. This only works when you use the same contact information for every appointment. For example, if your name is Jennifer and you use Jennifer, Jen, and Jenny as your name when booking, then you might not be able to see all of your appointments. Read more here.

Appointment Availability

When you select the services you want, the scheduling platform will only show you the time slots that are available for your request. For example, you’ll see more appointment options for a 45 minute haircut than you will for a 2-hour color service. It only shows what is actually available for the service you picked. If you don’t see any open dates for weeks, it’s not because I’m taking off work, it’s because those dates are already full. It’s always best to prebook your appointment.

Three Different Ways To Access Your Appointment

You can access your appointment details and management options in three different ways: your confirmation email, your confirmation text, or by signing in. Clink the link in the text and explore the management tools it provides you. You can import it to your calendars, reschedule it, and cancel it all from this one link. Each appointment has its own unique link. When you use your link, it is only for that specific appointment. If you book out several appointments at a time and need to change all of them to a different day, you have to do it one by one through their own unique confirmation text.


There are four calendars that are compatible with this feature. If you use one of the calendars with which it's compatible, click your appropriate calendar and select your "import" option. It will mark off the appointment length and label it on your calendar for you.


This might be the most useful feature because it makes rescheduling super easy. When you choose the "Reschedule" button, it takes you to the schedule so you can choose your new date and time. You select it and that's it. I'll confirm the switch and you're all set. Your original appointment time becomes available for someone else to choose and the new time is all yours. Keep in mind that I don't allow you to make changes within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. It messes with my schedule too much, so send me an email and I'll cancel it for you.


Cancelling is easy and doesn't require approval. Just hit cancel, it may make you confirm, and you can book again whenever you choose. Like with rescheduling, if you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, you'll have to send me an email and I'm happy to do it for you. 

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below so that I can answer them publicly. You won't be the only one, so asking questions is a great way to help me help others. 

Tips for setting and managing your appointments.