Four years ago, my family and I began adopting a holistic lifestyle. We learn as we go. I read a ton of books about nutritional healing and how to reduce the toxins we’re exposed to. I eventually started making my own cleaning products and beauty products. As time wore on, I started bringing different aspects of my home life into the little space I take up in the salon.

Infusing Grape Seed Oil With Calendula Petals

Infusing Grape Seed Oil With Calendula Petals

If you’ve been in to see me, you’ve seen my oil diffuser, my little pink Himalayan salt lamp (that I’ve recently learned gives off no negative ions because the LED light inside doesn’t heat it up… oops), and my happy little aloe plant. The space I have to make my own is a little ledge about 4 feet long and 6 inches wide, but the details matter to me. If you’ve had me wax your brows recently, then you’ve experienced my homemade organic herbal balm that keeps your skin from getting red and irritated. I infused grape seed oil with calendula petals and used it, along with relevant essential oils, to make a balm that works perfectly. I would love for everything I do in the salon to have an eco-friendly vibe.

I began the search for healthier products that were eco friendly, but wouldn’t compromise the work I do and the tools with which I have to do it. Hair color uses many chemicals and ingredients to make it work. Some are made in a lab and some are naturally derived. The heavier you can lean on the naturally derived side, the better. Some chemicals have adverse affects and it’s my job as a consumer to find companies that do the work to create healthier options. As a consumer and as a service provider, I take the responsibility seriously. Two of the biggest offenders in hair color are PPD and ammonia.


I’m excited to announce one of many changes I am making to integrate healthy practices in my work as a stylist. I’ve switched to a hair color line that is free of PPD and ammonia. Kevin Murphy, a stylist from Australia, has developed a color line that is eco friendly. His environmental convictions mirror mine in many ways. This is a big deal because it means that you won’t be exposing yourself to these toxins when you sit in my chair. This is a honey-based color that also has Shea butter and aloe vera for added moisture. While reducing toxins and moisturizing your hair, it also has rose hip seed oil and pomegranate, which are both natural antioxidants.

The color turns out beautifully and the built-in UV protection will help it last in the summer sun. It doesn’t irritate your scalp while it’s processing, and it covers gray flawlessly. I’m having fun watching these results in the salon and I’m excited to see what else I can do with it. Even with all of that, my favorite thing about this color line is that, because it’s honey based, we are supporting 600 beekeepers by using it. As an advocate for looking out for the human race by looking out for the honeybees, this is amazing.