How to have a good day.


A bad day has a tendency to spread. We tend to treat others the way we’ve been treated. We take on the disposition of those in our company and don’t even realize it. Humans have an innate survival behavior known as “mirroring”. Unless we set out to resist the inclination, we inadvertently mirror those we’re around. This can be a good thing, helping you connect with others, but if the one with whom you’re connecting has negative energy, it can have an unwanted affect.

Taking control.

You can’t control the experiences and interactions you have throughout the day. But, you can control the meaning you give it. We interpret the behavior and words of others. This is to say that we make up what the other person is saying. It’s not about what the other person thinks, did, or said. It’s about what you think they think, the reason you think they did what they did, and what you think they meant. You’re filling in the blanks with tools from your own perspective, and more often than not, your own perspective is on the defense. We unconsciously expect the worst because it protects us from being let down. My message here: if you’re making it up anyway, then why not make it work for you? Why not make a conscious effort to put a positive, for you, spin on everything you interpret?

This stuff matters.

Assuming an active role and taking responsibility for your own energy is an act of wellness. Low energy, or a downer vibe, is toxic. Negative self-talk is debilitating. It keeps the individual from growing. Every living thing is either fed or destroyed by hope (positivity) or the lack of it (negativity). Check out this video of the way two plants react to positivity and negativity.

At THE BEAUTY FACTORY, I’m very aware of how others feel. I have people in my chair for an average of two hours. Way longer than most professional therapists would have them. They come to THE BEAUTY FACTORY for self-care, one of the best ways to elevate your energy. Einstein’s E=mc^2 says that all matter becomes energy at the speed of light. You’re seeing everything as light, therefore, you’re seeing energy. Energy also has a vibrational frequency that you can feel. Think of the last time you walked into a room and could feel the energy that you just interrupted. There’s a mathematical equation to that experience. When you are around a negative person, also referred to as a “low vibe” person, who brings you down, you can counteract that with the only tool that beats everything: love. Show kindness, patience, forgiveness, etc., and it can turn that person’s day around. It can also keep it from affecting your own day.

You’re the boss of you.

You have way more control over your day, your experiences, and your mood than you think you do. You get to decide how you interpret what you see, hear, and feel. You decide the overall meaning. You get to take active measures to “drive” yourself where you want to go. I have a three step approach to every day: Visualize, Prepare, & Execute.

Visualize your day.

Picture yourself accomplishing what you’re supposed to accomplish with efficiency and timeliness. Picture you taking care of yourself and giving yourself the time you need to be successful. You’re relaxed, aware, and prepared.

Prepare for it.

Now that you know what your day looks like, prepare for it. Take the time to set yourself up the way you would set things up for someone who can’t do anything for themselves. Like an infant who can’t do for themselves, you can’t do anything unless you do it.

Execute it.

This gives a fresh perspective of “killing it”. You’ve pictured your day. In picturing your day you’ve thought of what you need to be successful and made those preparations, and now you just have to live it out. You can’t control what gets thrown at you, but you can control how you handle it. You see what you’re looking for.

Write your day, and write it to work in your favor.

Have a great one.