After seasons of trendy pastel hues and bright colors that lead to thirsty hair, the new trend is healthy, shiny hair. It's no surprise that healthy hair is in because healthy everything is in. People are wising up to the role their environment plays in their quality of life, that what goes in and on the body plays a role in the overall function of the body, so they are searching for ways to clean up their routine. 

The approach of Summer leads people to the gym and makes them look at the contents of their refrigerator. The health of your body has a direct affect on the health of your skin and hair. So, as you are prepping for the months of being outside and capturing that youthful glow, consider eating those bright colored raw foods that nourish your hair, skin, and nails. Go without makeup on your days off, let your hair dry naturally to give it a break from the shine destroying heat. 

Remember to trim your ends once a month and use high quality professional products to greatly improve the look and feel of your hair. The health of your hair is directly affected by the quality of the products you use. Professional products add protein and moisture, prolonging the life of your color by keeping your hair shiny and strong. Kevin Murphy's products, like this one, are infused with essential oils and plant derived proteins that treat your scalp and naturally nourish your hair. 

If you need to give your hair a healthy shot in the right direction, come in for a bond building treatment. I use OLAPLEX bond multiplier. It strengthens your hair from the inside out while repairing damage from heat, color processing, and the environment. I've seen many so-called "lost causes" turn completely around and allow my guests to heal their damaged hair and keep their hard earned length. An OLAPLEX strengthening treatment is a two step process in the salon, with a third step that you maintain at home.

Check out this before and after from one of my recent OLAPLEX healing sessions. This beauty's hair was so brittle and damaged, that she could see it breaking every time she brushed it. She wore it up and matted because she didn't know what else to do. After two separate treatments, she has her hair back and she got to keep her length. She'll hit summer with healthy, shiny hair and leave the trauma of over-processed damage behind. 

When you schedule your OLAPLEX bond building treatment, don't forget to order your OLAPLEX No. 3 so that you can take it home with you that day.