I've always heard that cutting your hair on a full moon will make it grow longer. I have no idea if it's true, but it's an old wives tale that has been circulating for centuries. It's even in the Farmer's Almanac. I'm familiar with this because, as an avid supporter of living organically and knowing the source of your own food, I am exposed to and support a more natural approach to eating and living. 

I'm also a fan of science. I don't think that science and nature inherently appose one another, I think nature is the teacher and science is the student. It's when science departs from the natural order that it becomes more of an adversary, but that's not my point in this article. It's an interesting thought though, you can't make money off of nature because you can't gain an edge on the supply. It's too prolific. Science and research require funding, funders won't invest in something they can't bridle, patent, and sell, so the natural approach doesn't have a lot of scientific evidence to hold it up. It does, however, have an impressive list of success stories. 

For example, in the world of organic farming, there is a step beyond simply not using chemicals in your method. There is something called "biodynamic" farming that utilizes the phases of the moon to guide planting, weeding, and harvesting. The moon has a rhythm to it that pushes and pulls on the earth in such a way that can be seen by watching the ocean breath in and out. It pulls and it pushes: inhales and exhales. I loosely follow a biodynamic, or moon phase, diet where I drink only liquids on a full and new moon in an effort to help my body take advantage of the natural tug of excess water from my body. It's a quick and easy way to fast and detox, much like using the ocean tide to rinse out a container. 

It's in the "pull" phase, or the full moon phase, that it helps perform expansion tasks that could use help. The tug of plants from the earth, the pull of toxins from your body, and ....maybe? ...the growth of hair from your head? It may be nonsense when it comes to hair growth, but the forgiving aspect of trying the natural approach is that it doesn't hurt to give it a chance. You're trimming the dead ends off of your hair, it makes sense that removing something that will make it break off would help it grow out. I think that if the moon is going to tug on your hair, it's not going to discriminate against dry, split hair, over shiny healthy hair. However, dry split hair won't get long, so you might as well use a biodynamic reminder to trim it. 

So, in the spirit of scientific research and biodynamic awareness, I've collected all of the dates for the full moons that correspond with my work schedule for the rest of the year. Those of you who would like to put the old wives tale to test, and could use a little help remembering to get your hair trimmed, save this photo and plan your trims accordingly. 

Here's to the betterment of humanity, one scientific trim at a time. ;)