The winter months are brutal on our skin and respiratory systems. In the summer, we know to drink enough water because we're hot and sweaty. But in the winter, we drink warm soothing drinks because we're cold. This leaves our skin parched and rough. The humidity in the summer whisks germs and viruses out of the air and is heavy enough to carry them to the floor (read more about the role of humidity on spreading germs here). But in the summer, the lack of humidity leaves that stuff floating around for us to breathe in. 

If you have dry skin and/or are suffering from one of those nasty sicknesses that people get around this time of year, I have a home remedy that I use to combat both in one treatment. You'll want to do this once a day because, not only is it incredibly soothing and effective, your skin will look fantastic that day. I like to skip foundation as often as possible and this treatment allows me to get back to that. 


Use good quality organic and non-gmo ingredients. I get supplies from my local natural market. 

Use good quality organic and non-gmo ingredients. I get supplies from my local natural market. 


Smooth a thick layer of coconut oil over your face while you prep the treatment. After the water comes to a boil, remove the pot from the heat. Add the salt and the essential oils and place the hot pad and pot on your kitchen table. Set your timer for 5 minutes, make a tent with the towel over your head, and place your face in the path of the steam from the pot. Breathe the soothing vapors into those places that are making you sick and feel your pores open up, letting that coconut oil deeper into your skin. You can stay under the towel longer if you want, but the steam dies down quite a bit after 5 minutes.

Have tissues handy. All of this loosens the yuck in your system so you can get it out of your body and on your way to healthy faster. use a warm wet wash cloth to remove the excess oil from your face. You won't need additional cleansers or moisturizers. The grime comes off easily and your face is thoroughly moisturized.