My salon is a little different than a typical salon. I'm the only stylist in a private studio, I give my guests control of managing their own appointments, and I have areas of specialty that I stick to. In a typical salon, you have several stylists who perform all hair services in a public space, and a receptionist who interacts with clients on the phone. No matter what the salon setting, there are a few qualities that, if you're aware of them, can make your visit to the salon much more satisfying.

Universal Qualities Of Any Salon

Finding The Right Stylist For You


Some stylists got into hair because it's something they've always wanted to do, and there are some who just didn't know what else to do with their lives. One is not better than the other, but their approach to hair may be more suitable for one guest over the other. For example, if you are someone who likes to have your hair colored and/or cut the exact same way every single time you go to the salon, then you would need someone who is less creative and more technical. If you want an artist who can visualize colors and shapes and who also embodies the technical skill to bring his or her concept into existence, then you would need someone who is more creative. There are caveats to both scenarios and having a bit of inside knowledge can equip you to find the right person for you.

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Mutual Trust Is Imperative

Your DNA, hair history, and home care determine 2/3 of how your hair turns out in the salon. Allow a professional the chance to learn these variables so he or she can become an expert at your hair. Over the course of your relationship, the stylist learns how your hair responds to color, to lightening, to products, and to techniques. With this knowledge, he or she can tell you what will work for your hair and what will not. It doesn't matter how long a stylist has been doing hair, it takes mutual trust to build that level of expertise. A stylist can have five different people in his or her chair throughout the day, do exactly the same thing to every single head of hair, and have five completely unique results. "Chair hopping" is never a good idea. You need to let someone get to know your hair and help you get the hair you want.

Unique Qualities of The Factory

It's Just Me

I don't have employees, fellow stylists, or a receptionist. I am a creative with a clear idea of the way I want my guests to feel, and I've been doing hair long enough to know my strengths. I want them to know that it's a private space where they can literally let her hair down. My guests come to me because they like my work and they want me to create something exclusive for them.

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A Private Studio

I'm very protective and accommodating of my guest's booked time and ambient choices. They choose the music, they choose to talk or stay quiet, and whatever is shared in the studio never leaves. They appreciate this aspect of The Factory and respect the space and time of one another. I let them book and manage their own appointments on their own schedule because they listen to my advice and it frees me up to create.

When thinking of a private studio, think of it like a doctor's exam room. You wouldn't just walk in and expect to be served, in even a small capacity, because the act of accommodating you it at the expense of the guest with the appointment. That's not a great idea. 


My Specialty

I love all colors of hair and I love the challenge of creating dimension that looks effortless and flawless. I strive to create color that is rich and highlights that are seamless. I'm passionate about my work and continually educate myself so that I'm always offering the best for my guests. I use a color line that doesn't fade, allows multiple pigments to show through, and covers gray better than anything I've used in two decades of work. I know where I thrive and where I don't. My guests come to me because they trust my judgement and like my aesthetic. I don't allow people to use me to duplicate someone else's.