It's a bad haircut

I wish that once you cut hair off, you could glue it back on if you don't like the way it looks. But, you can't. You either have a haircut that's not right for you, or it's messed up and needs some tweaking. Some signs of a bad haircut include: 

  • it's choppy
  • the layers don't look right
  • it's uneven
  • you can't style it (may not be a bad haircut, but you need help)

You would be surprised how little an experienced stylist would have to do to fix some of these things. I've fixed various combinations of these symptoms without making my new guest's hair any shorter than it was when they came in. On most occasions, the changes are very minor, which goes to show how important a great haircut is and how easy it is to mess it up. If nothing else, I can teach you some styling tricks to help you hide the flaws in your cut until it grows out a little more.

Recommendation: Schedule a haircut with Serena. Be sure to include "fixing a bad haircut" in the appointment notes so that Serena knows what's going on.

Not ready to book an appointment? That's okay! Check out my tips for growing your hair out by clicking the button below.